My big day out.

So yesterday (Monday) I decided to take a trip out to the big smoke (Dublin) to see if I could find some Doctor Who goodies for myself, seeing as the train fare is dead cheap for the lead up to Christmas, now seemed as good a time as any. And boy did I find some good Doctor Who stuff.
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I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and a New year full of promises.

The JK Rowling Pottercast.

Last time I posted I told my story of how after  Melissa's requested people to send in unanswered questions, how I made the first comment on the news item that I suspected a special guest my be in the offing, and how Melissa was denying it on the board but confirming it to me by email. Well the Pottercast has happened and after a pre intro sequence clearing up the House elf issue, this happened.

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I cannot express the delight I get in those two little underlined quotes. A little semi joke from me and I made the author of these wonderful books take some notice. I am beyond smiling, beyond squeeing and beyond smugness. And I'm really crap in typing emotions so I'll leave it at that.

Finally I can admit it.

I'm sure you've all read the wonderfully exciting news that JK Rowling is to make an appearance on Pottercast. And how Melissa has aimed an apology directly at me for semi lying to me. Well I have to make a confession of my own. Melissa e-mailed me the day after I posted that comment on Leaky main to tell me that my suspicions were correct, so I've actually known, pretty much, all along. Well lets face it, asking us at a time when we would be summing up our years end experience what we didn't learn is sort of a strange thing to ask of us. 
The secrecy is of course understandable I mean imagine what pottercasts inbox would have been lie if they openly announced "JK Rowling is on the show. Submit your questions."  I reckon it'd be pandimonium (probably still was).
So, lets hope we'll all enjoy this wonderful interview.


This is what I do.

Yesterday, coming home from Galway city after doing round 1 of my christmas shopping I was halfway home, driving along the main road when I noticed the cars ahead flashing headlights and Hazard lights. I then saw the reason, There had been a collision up ahead. The cars ahead of me negotiated themselves around the accident, as I could see no emergency service on scene I pulled in. 
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It is always good to know what to do in the event of an emergency so I would encourage all of you to enrol in a basic first aid course because a little knowledge goes a long long way in saving a life.
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My travels.

Been to Co. Laois recently and passed through a sleepy little village with a very non sleepy name. Its called Ioma in Irish but guess what that is in English....
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In other news after crashing and burning in my Autumn repeat exams for my computer course I'm awaiting word from my college if i'l be allowed join the Business studies course instead.
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Remember Ch.16 Godrics Hollow?

Recently I visited the out of the way coastal town of Kilkee in County Clare. A popular holiday spot with a nice beach, cliff walks, restauraunts, hotels, pubs and holiday homes. Anyway at the start of the cliff walk there is this statue which I took a few photos of.

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Now thats all fair and well. A nice statue erected for a decent Raquetball player. But this wasn't any old raquet player. This man went on to become the vision of a well loved character the world over.

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So to many tourists and visitors this statue is just a statue of a well loved personality, but to us. He is in our minds and thoughts he is....
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